We are in the process of OCRing all the books. This will enable a user to search the full text.
The current OCR's have limitations in that they do not always

  1. Give 100 % accurary
  2. Preserver fonts and formats
  3. Do not work well when multilingual texts are encountered give degraded performance when the quality of the scanned books is bad

Hence, the OCRed output is only used in our application to locate search words. The final display for the user will still be the PDF and TIFF file which preserve the original look.

The following table shows the current status of OCRed books on DLI website

DLI Books Total books
available at
Total OCR books
originally available
(done by scanning centers)
Total books OCR
by DLI Team
Remaining books
to be OCRd
English 2,87,723 1,88,149 17,182 82,392
Hindi 51,715 0 10,493 41,222
Sanskrit 35,082 0 2,131 32,951
Tamil 5,371 0 1,527 3,844

To view the TIFF Books Online Download Alternatiff plugin for Windows Users and Plugger plugin for Linux Users(install GTK,GLIB prerequisites)

To view the PDF Books Online Download Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin for global standard or PDF Viewer plugin for Chrome users

For any issue please contact :

The DLI Team,
Supercomputer Education and Research Centre (SERC),
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore,
India 560012